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Pony Breed Brainstorming by Yumpy Pony Breed Brainstorming by Yumpy
Messy Brainstorming sheet for a potential Pony Breed! (Or as you can see, Pony AND 'Small Horse' breed). Just got to work out how much interest there would be in a nice pony breed before I think about putting it into play.

Ps. 'New Coét' is pronounced like ko-ay. Should the little dashy thing ( :XD: ) be after the T or above the E where it is? Oppinions and suggestions on the breed are very much appreciated and much needed at this point! :heart:

"Cunning and spirited, intelligent and virtuous the New Coét Small Horse’s heart, mind and in some cases his ego, far out-size his small body. From plotting the easiest way to avoid work, to always being 10 minutes early to the gate at cuddle-time, his bright and bubbling character make him the ideal companion, show pony and riding horse for the young and small to old alike. Be it his sweeping strides and striking colours or the kindness of his baby-soft eyes, the New Coét Small Horse reserves a special place in every stable.

Ranging from a mere 10 hands to a comfortable 13.2, his impressive history of out-breeding has blessed him with either the type of a refined, elegant small horse or the stockier characteristics of a charming pony. Robust and highly captivating, his long and low leg-action and naturally engaged quarters make him the ultimate show pony for the ambitious, and the most adaptable pleasure ride for the more laid-back. And to the hobbiest and breeder, he will stand out against a line up of other pony breeds in a halter or liberty class with his elegantly dished head and dainty, curved ears.

Birthed from refined Connemara stock and hardy Welsh Ponies, it was said the newly formed breed obtained significant influence from also the Shetland and New Forest Pony. His impressive lines quickly became more widely appreciated through Europe, and ambitious show-breeders were rumoured to introduce the blood of Arabian Ponies to obtain a finer skeleton. Talk of classing the appealing mixes as their own breed traveled somewhat quickly to The United States, and then Australia; where imported stock was crossed eagerly with Australian Riding Ponies to increase their elegance and success in the show ring.

As a newly recognized breed, true New Coét's are sourced at regular intervals from both European and Australian breeders. The stockier types show more characteristics of the stouter Shetland and Welsh, and are more commonly European-bred, where more foundation stock is present. The refined small horse type tend to be seen originating more commonly from Australian breeders, where the Riding pony has had a more significant influence on breeding stock. Height does not vary significantly between the two body types.

He is shown in a traditional halter, similar to the style of an Arabian to reveal his finely-sculpted facial features and gentle dish. Prior to showing he will often undergo a full clip, as even when rugged he is prone to an adorably fluffy winter coat and over the top hair-do! As hardy equines from the breeding of wild ponies, show horses should be limited to the amount of grass they intake, as most will sport an unfavourable (though undoubtedly cute) grass belly. Pony type classes are more forgiving of a lower belly. He should be shown with either a long bridle-path cut to show off head positioning and crest, or neat button rosettes. Darker facial and correction makeup is optional, and some handlers desire it to further pronounce the breeds notably large eye and small muzzle. Classes are most commonly divided by gender (Stallion/Colt/Gelding and Mare/Filly), though in larger shows, specialty shows and nationals, they will also be divided into their type group- Small Horse or Pony."
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RimrockRanchEC Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I want some!!!! They would make perfect kids horses and carriage horses!
Yumpy Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah, I think they'd be great in harness/driving! :D Woohoo, well if they end up being created I'll make sure you know!
RimrockRanchEC Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
yay! Thanks!
BRls-love-is-MY-Live Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
i want the first pony xD... i love the body ^^. looks great. i love long legs. uhhh this in black overo :love:
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February 1, 2013
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